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Proflight SimulatorHelicopter game became the center of attention when it was first introduced to the game market few years ago, and since the time of its inception many people have tried and loved it. It is still in the hearts of many people as it is a fine example of the flash sport and involves single player that flies the helicopter through the obstacles in a maze. Practically, this game requires no skills and children above 8 years can play it very easily. Helicopter game is considered as one of the best versions of this sport. There are many variations available on the market. Some of them include:

1. Dog Flight

In this game, target is very simple as you need to kill down other helicopters. It involves fight between the helicopters. Your score board will keep on moving with the killing of each helicopter in the path. The more you will kill, the more you will get in the form of points, and the chances of the survival also increase.

2. Heli Strike

Heli strike word is evolved from helicopter strike, and as the name suggests it deals with the striking power of the helicopter. This is the most commonly played copter sport variation and in this sport, you need to ground the other copter to collect various precious things, which will in turn enhance your score board.

3. Bumper Chopper

The most amazing and interesting variation which involves the use of mini chopper is the bumper chopper variation. In this sport, you need a mini chopper to fly around and the significant feature of this bumper chopper variation is that it never dies in fact it has life power feature hence it is fun to play this sport as you face no points deduction.

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4. 3D space Hawk

It is one of the best variations available in the helicopter game in which you need to sit inside the arena of copter and you have to fly it. You also need to fly other helicopters so that you may collect other items.

5. Sky chopper

Last but not the least; sky chopper is a variation of Helicopter game which also features a fight between you and your enemies. By grounding each helicopter of the enemy, you will collect more points to proceed with the game. You can also collect more power by grounding the copters of the enemies.

Significance of the Helicopter game

Helicopter game is a user friendly game which is the chief reason why many people likes it. With the help of mouse drag, you can control the helicopter which is approximately 2 centimeters long and also emit the smoke from the tail for the better visual effects. If you can control the mouse, you can play this game quite easily as to move upwards and downwards, you need to drag the mouse up and to release the mouse respectively.

This helicopter game is not a composition of new age modern technologies but still you can play this game for the sake of time pass and change and also it’s a short game so you won’t require much time to play.

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