google flight simulatorThe Google Earth program has been download more than one billion times, yet only a small percentage of users are aware of the Google flight simulator. If you thought that you needed to pay good money for a realistic flight simulator program, you can now stand corrected, because the Google flight simulator is included in the free version of Google Earth.

It is so much fun and provides such an outstanding experience, that perhaps it should be renamed, the Google flight stimulator. If you want to have an idea of just how big a player Google is, consider for a moment that the Google Earth program was created by a CIA funded company, for the benefit of the CIA. Google made an offer to buy the company and the technology, and the CIA accepted it.

The flight simulator was not always included in the download. It wasn’t until volume 4.2, in fact, that it was made available to the public. Even then it was not publicized. It was an, “Easter egg,” meaning it was hidden, and you had to know it was there and how to get to it.

Google leaked the fact that it existed, but it never went viral and was never really picked up and publicized by the media. Then in Google Earth 4.3, Google made it official, and no longer hid it, but they have yet to hype it the way they could, which is why most people are still unaware of its existence.

Users often report that the Google flight simulator is highly addictive. As you fly, you will view the actual images you would see if you were truly flying a jet in that location. If that is not enough excitement for you, the jet can also fly under the ocean, where you can see seafloor imagery made from actual underwater terrain data.

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