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Pro Flight Simulator is one of the most prevalent flight simulator games available for download online today. In this  review of Pro Flight Simulator I discuss the pros and cons of my experience while using the software.

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pro flight simulatorI am a flight enthusiast, but other than enthusiasm, I was no nearer to the goal of flying an aircraft.  This was the situation till I learned from a friend about the Pro Flight Simulator.  He said it was the closest thing to flying, but having burnt my fingers with other Flight Simulator software, I was skeptical.  Since his voice sounded all excited when he described the Pro Flight Simulator, I decided to take the plunge or rather take to the air.  Navigating their website was easy and once I purchased the soft ware, the Pro Flight Simulator Download was fast and easy.  I did not realize it, but the moment I completed the Pro Flight Simulator download, I had stepped out into the aviation world and I became an avid fan of the Pro Flight Simulator.

The software designers had taken a lot of trouble and thought to inject a dose of realism into the Pro Flight Simulator.  Using the Pro Flight Simulator Download, I could choose to fly any aircraft to any airport in the world, realistically created in my computer, within the comfort of my home.  I did not believe that such creativity was possible.  I chose my favorite aircraft the Airbus A330 and decided to go off on a flying jaunt to Singapore, an airport I had been to numerous times.

 “The Most Realistic Flight Sim On The Market!!”

The view from the cockpit was such that I felt like I was actually commanding the plane.  All the dials, gauges, controls etc. were exactly like it was in the cockpit of an Airbus A330.  When I took off from my home port of Pittsburgh, the landmarks slipped underneath the aircraft and were positioned exactly as it was in relation to the airport.   The headlights of cars on the roads added to the realistic feel.   Soon I was at cruising altitude and the devil got into me.  Just for kicks I reduced speed to approach the stall speed of the aircraft.  Immediately all the warning lights and sounds went off and it sounded so real I instinctively increased the speed of the aircraft.  To change direction, I gently banked the plane to starboard and the view from the cockpit changed simultaneously.  As I gradually few east towards Singapore, the sky started becoming lighter and soon I was flying in daylight.  This was surprising, how did the software know to factor in daylight?  The Pro Flight Simulator has a tracking device, which uses the time on your computer, to calculate where the plane is relative to the earth at any given point in time.  It then gives the effect of that time of the day.  If I arrived at noon in Singapore, the sun would be in its exact position.

The Pro Flight Simulator was unforgiving in flight parameters.  I wrecked the A330 on landing.  My approach angle and landing speed were wrong.  After a few attempts, the landing changed from a crash to a hard bumpy one and soon I got the hang of it.  I felt elated when I made my first perfect landing.  In my mind I was slowly becoming a professional Pilot.  I tried other aircraft and flew around the world to exotic locations.  I could choose to fly in any type of weather and in storms; the Pro Flight Simulator literally bumps you around.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if I became ‘airsick’.  The variety of aircraft to choose from is amazing.  Right from the state of the art modern airplanes to the vintage planes of yesteryear, were available on the click of a button.  I could go back in years to WWII and go on a bombing raid in a Lancaster.  Believe me, when you fly in a vintage, open cockpit plane, you can literally feel the wind against your face.

I must thank my friend for introducing me to the Pro Flight Simulator.  Whenever I go to the airport, I sort of puff my chest and strut as if I am a Pilot.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a simple fellow, it is just the effect of the Pro Flight Simulator on my psyche.  Of all the software I have downloaded on my computer, the Pro Flight Simulator download stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Screenshots Of ProFlightSimulator
“The Best Flight Simulation Game Ever Created!”

Here are some screenshots to feast your eyes on. (All these pictures were resize and shrunk, so there has been some quality loss and some of the sharp lines look a little blurry.)

The real time rendering is pretty amazing. Take a look and judge for yourself:

flight simulator for mac

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flight simulator for mack

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